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In certain circumstances, whether dealing with a carpet, ceramic surface or a bath/ shower, there can occur stains that WILL NOT come out without DAMAGING the surface. If you ask for a specific stain to be removed from a surface that has defied previous attempts, we can evaluate the nature and severity of the stain and will attempt to remove it. However again, there are certain stains that are simply permanent. Therefore we can not guarantee the removal of certain staining. Sometimes rust comes off of porcelain, other times it has chemically bonded and is impossible to remove even with the most advanced chemicals and intensive labor. Another Problem in The Las Vegas Valley is the Hard water. In almost every case, we can break free the mineral deposits from shower glass, but there are buildup levels that again, NO chemical can clean fully without etching the glass. Sandra does her homework in order to keep up with the latest technologies for combating tough mineral stains, but sometimes, on rare occasion, especially if the shower stall or bathtub is plastic it is best to replace it. Please Remember though, SandraSoClean aggressively attacks all stains and scrubs sufficiently to determine the ability to remove stains.