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Clean In's/ Out's

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Moving is among life's most stressful tasks. SandraSoClean understands this and we Care. All Clean In/Out's vary, of course, but there are some things that go into a clean out that are basic to most of them. After giving you an initial quote over the phone based on your information, I will assess the work needed and give you a final quote for the job when I arrive. Rarely does it exceed $25 higher than the original estimate. (Please, be as detailed as possible on the phone regarding what needs to be done in order to receive an accurate quote)
 We remove all trash and put it in a pre designated area, High Dust, dust baseboards (or Wash them on our hands and knees if required), clear all Cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, wash the insides then polish them (where applicable), Dust Ceiling Fans, Sanitize the Refrigerator (removing all inner shelving to access germs), clean the stove/ oven in and out when needed, wash down all Major appliances- polishing your Stainless steel to a sparkle, Vacuum all carpets, Wash all floors, Clean all bathrooms top to bottom, we will spot wash walls and fully wipe doors that do not require painting, essentially EVERYTHING that needs cleaning will be done. If you have a special request, Just Ask! Just make sure you ask prior to your quote to avoid a possible change to initial quote. We also offer Garage cleaning as an option with the ability to put most heavy items to the curb. (Please mention this before we come to do the work.) Any other work that is clean out related will be done upon request, Most is no extra charge. We are pleased to announce that we have a proprietary system for the removal of highly embedded mineral stains from shower glass and other surfaces!
 We break the chemical bond between the mineral and the glass and the surrounding chrome as well as the tile too. When we are finished with the process, the badly damaged shower glass and chrome look virtually new! (please mention if you have a serious problem with your shower(s) in advance so we can bring the specialized chemicals and equipment.)
* Please Note, Some glass is not 100% cleanable, nonetheless we will still do our best to make the shower glass as presentable as possible. We can not make any guarantees regarding our success regarding mineral, and other stains such as rust and limescale etc. We do however, give it our best educated try with hard physical effort if needed. All closets are emptied, and vacuumed or washed, the tracks are cleaned out. All drawers in the bathrooms are emptied and thoroughly cleaned, medicine cabinettes are cleaned inside and out. WE have all equipment to get to the high areas, and we always clean the tops of kitchen cabinettes where applicable. With SandraSoClean, We Will Not Leave Until the Work Is Done! Period.

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